Tuesday, April 22, 2008

River Valley to Silicon Valley- Book review by Pradeep K. Gaur

I heard much appreciation of this book from those who had read it. Hence, I was keen to read this book. I made fervent efforts and was fortunate to get a copy and began to read it. While reading, I found it really difficult to separate myself from this book even for a moment as its contents are so riveting. I felt completely in the grip of this book and finished it in almost 4-5 days in spite of being busy with my personal works. In my view, I term it indeed a great achievement in the life of the author hailing from a small village with no basic facilities as millions of villages in India are, where proper education is unthinkable and one is forced to head towards city to do even matriculation and higher education beyond that.
The book tells how the parents sometime have to take tough decisions keeping aside emotions towards shaping the career of their children. How your unflinching determination, well-thought plan, perseverance, devotion and above all being self- disciplined surely take you onto your own-established target. Hardships usually come but one has to face them until the target is achieved.
Father’s sincerity in regularly monitoring the progress of the child and getting alarmed on child’s sluggishness on one occasion in the course of schooling and promptly changing the decision is an example for other parents to emulate.
This book is true tribute from him to his father. The books tells that preparations should be target-oriented. One has to do well-judged visualization of the things in the ambience and has to keep abreast of happenings in other spheres as well. It inter-alia carries certain latent aspects which one can imbibe in own life. The book is beautifully and philosophically written; language is very simple and has a great flow of thoughts at many places. Surely, it may also be a handy and vast guidance for a civil services aspirant.
I have learnt a great deal from this book and imbibed certain thoughts from it in my life. I really feel enriched after having read this book. In my personal view, this is a must read book for everyone. I am indebted to the person for ever who arranged this book for me.

Pradeep Kumar Gaur
New Delhi, India

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