Monday, April 28, 2008

River Valley to Silicon Valley:Book Review by Semira, A Russian Writer

The story "River Valley to Silicon Valley" by Abhay K. reflects well the process of transformations in India in the present moment, its technological progress attracting young people in India. But it's interesting that foreign people who fall in love with India, appreciate more its traditional moments: still well preserved ecology, kindness of people, priority of heart over intention (gain), and of course spirituality of its ancient culture, apparent even in common life. For those people the river valley and small towns will be closer than Silicon valley or Bangalore. Being Russian, what I like the best in the story is the description of his childhood and his sincere poems.

I am glad to see in India women in saree, new blocks of 4-story buildings (not sky-scrapers) in Delhi. I like the human size of Indian towns, close to nature, and I try to evade megalopolises with traffic congestion. I would like India to keep its traditional character and mode of life and to change minimum - only the necessary things, in spite of western influence and technological progress.

- Semira, Russian writer, member of the Union of writers of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

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