Thursday, August 9, 2007

Review of 'River Valley to Silicon Valley' published in The Hindu Literary Review on Sunday, 5th August

River Valley to Silicon Valley; Abhay K; Bookwell; Rs 195.
Perseverance is the key. For young Abhay Kumar, who worked his way from a rural background into the Indian Foreign Service, this was the magic mantra. Kumar’s simple handbook tells his story as it is. From the banks of the river’s valley to Silicon Valley, how his brothers and he overcame their handicaps to achieve what they eventually did. This is also a commentary on the tremendous change in India, its values and culture and how education and competition can make way for anybody to break out of the mould.
The book outlines some of the gradual and persistent changes in the country. One is the farmer tilling his land and grazing his cattle; the other is the modern young India at ease in a global village, wired into the newest technology and part of the new and dynamic economy. Through his own life and the tremendous difficulties he overcame, Abhay Kumar tries to draw the portrait of a modern young Indian. If it weren’t for the terrible typographical and grammatical errors, this little book could have served many such aspirants.


A_N_Nanda said...

Hi Abhay,

May I suggest that the last sentence of the post be deleted. Keeping it in the post definitely underlines your honesty about quoting the text; yet, pampered reviewers take the easy recourse to pointing out "typographical", "grammatical" mistakes quite often. We read books printed under big banners, written by authors whose first language is English and know how ubiquitous is the thing called grammatical/typographical mistakes. Sometimes I wonder, it speaks of our inferiority complex: books published by Indians rank en-bloc inferior to those from UK or USA. Still people are there among us who feel that Britishers should have continued to rule us.

I can go on and on, but then...leave it. All my best wishes to you and your creative ventures.


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