Friday, May 2, 2008

River Valley to Silicon Valley- A Review Letter from Oksana Mirovaya

I think, every person could write the story about himself. Every one of us meets and overcomes difficulties in life, achieving our aims. And we try to do our best. Not everyone writes it down, to share with others though. It’s ok that you did.

I think, the story of your life is worth to be published. You have made a lot of efforts to cross this long way from the boy of the small Indian village in the river valley to who you are now…This story can be the leadership or sample for today`s youth. For russian youth especially, who is in a deep moral crisis now. Russia is becoming capitalistic country. Old socialistic ideals are broken and dirted; new ideals are not created yet. This young generation grows weak-willed, incapable to achieve their goals; they even cannot imagine what these goals should be like. They just live, without putting any goals in front. First of all, crisis of the country reflects on the young generation. I would like that modern Russian young people read your book; it would be useful…although they prefer different books now.

I really enjoyed the style of your writing, simple and innocent. Faith in nobleness and big heart of other people, respect and love to your parents and elder ones, sincere desire to become worth of their hopes, the art to be thankful and value others, good feeling of friendship and humor, always the attitude to climb the higher level, all that makes your book a good manual for young people. And it is sincerely written so easy to read.

Oksana Mirovaya- A Spritual Activist, St. Petersburg, Russia

(Disclaimer- The views expressed above are of the reviewer Oksana Mirovaya)

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