Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Review letter from Malgorzata Kucharska, Poland

Brzeg Dolny 22.06.2007

This is my short opinion about your book. The specific thing is its very easy reading and that is what makes “From the River Valley to the Silicon Valley” book suitable for people in each age. We can identify with the little boy throw his adolescence until he becomes a successful man. It brings unforgotten memories about the first day in school, first time being on the own, first crucial success and at last the first love.

The book is filled with various emotions, which are very emphatically described. Nothing is hidden. When you were crying of happiness, I was crying with you; when you became disappointed with your defeats – I felt to run and cheer you up; when you were waiting anxious for exam results – my heart was beating faster waiting good news impatiently. But essence of the book is bravery, which describes your names meaning completely – “fearless”. You are an inspiration for everyone; for kids keeping in their desires, for youth who should never give up in gaining their goals and adults – giving reflection and motivation for fighting among all adversities.

You have broken all stereotypes which are showering upon us nowadays – namely, that money is “the lord”. You did not have money, did not have acquaintances in “top bananas”, your parents could not afford you comfort at the University, nevertheless you have never complained and owing to hard work today you can say: “I have made it”. This is “a light in the tunnel” especially for villagers, poor young people, who are languishing all around the world.

Finally I have to say this is one of a few books which keep conversing with the reader. While reading, reflections brought lot of questions in my mind, but the main is - can I say “I have made it”? The answer is still unknown, but I can say one thing: This book made me sure of making right choices in my life, owing to this book I am closer to achieve my goals.

…waiting for the 2nd book

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